The PFB Story

Pills For Breakfast is a New Zealand based rock band formed in 2012. PFB embody a wish list of the best attributes of their genre; Crushing riffs, melodies that worm in to your brain and songwriting diversity that creates variety yet a clear identity.

Chris Thorpe and Neil Johns write and compose all of Pills For Breakfast's material while inviting fellow musicians to contribute in the studio to help provide the band's energetic take on quality, driven rock music.

Steve Scott is a drummer who has played in numerous bands over the years and features as the backbone of the rhythm section on the debut album. A skilled and talented drummer, Steve is the driving force behind the heavier tracks in the bands repertoire such as Inphlux.

Following three stints at Tsunami Studios with guests James Byers, Paul Parker and Serena Alpha the band released the eponymous debut album "Pills For Breakfast" in early 2016.

The eleven tracks recorded were chosen to showcase the variety and diversity of the band's songwriting talent and musical abilities. 

About the members:

Neil Johns is a British born songwriter and guitarist who immigrated to New Zealand in 2009. He has performed in several bands in his career and is a creative song writing force to be reckoned with. His influences are varied which enables him to think outside the genre square when writing songs. He co-founded the band Phlux in 2009 and was responsible for writing many of the original tracks in the bands arsenal.

Chris Thorpe is a West Auckland bred musician who has also performed in many bands since taking up the guitar at the age of 14. Performing primarily in covers bands in West Auckland as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist, it wasn’t until the formation of Phlux with co-founder Neil that he began to delve into the world of songwriting. Influenced more by the heavy rock genre, he loves writing songs in the Inphlux vein, but is also happy to experiment with different music styles as demonstrated by the track “Vampire”.

The Band – 

Neil Johns – Rhythm Guitars/Keys

Chris Thorpe – Rhythm/Lead Guitars/Vocals/Bass/Keys

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