15 Things we learned in the studio 

  1. "lay off the beers' means "play better!"
  2. you have lunch, you dont do lunch 
  3. tom baker and dennis waterman are legends 
  4. ringo starr and his tank engine have left a legacy far superior to paul mccartneys 
  5. golden pash is a mighty 5% juice 
  6. moses chases chickens 
  7. bacon is the staple food  
  8. oranjeboom might unofficially sponsor the band but they dont return unofficial calls 
  9. you can eat chicken and egg together and not suffer guilt 
  10. 105 beers are not enough 
  11. trumpets have no place in rock 
  12. bluntness and being obnoxious are not the same thing 
  13. "you're fuckin kidding me" - after take 9 followed by a paddington bear hard stare 
  14. sleep is a luxury, not a necessity 
  15. getting stuck in a toilet and having to call a band mate in the next room to release you is not very rock n roll 

You could read the above and think it's a Mental Meatplow!

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